1. Power
2. Isolation
3. Auto
4. Step-up/Step-down
5. Low Voltage
6. Current
7. High Frequency
8. Inductor
9. Miniature
10. Air Coil
11. Instrumentation Coil
12. Choke Coil

Characteristics & Attributes
From.1VA To 50KVA
AC Input:
100V or 120V or 240V or International
From 47Hz To 400Hz
From Single To Multiple
From .001Amp. To 500Amp.
Hi Frequency: From 500Hz To 200MHz
From 1 micro H To 50H
  1mAmp. To 300 Amp.

Formats & Configurations

PC Mount
Surface Mount
Low Profile
Chassis Mount
Termination~~~Quick Disconnect, tab, wire, etc.
Profile~~~Open Frame, Enclosed, sealed, etc.

Features & Capabilities
Design optimization
Our products are approved or meet UL/CSA/VDE/CE
State of the art expertise in EMI sheilding
100% Q.C.
First article engineering model(s) in 3 days

E-mail: sales@electromechinc.com